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Clarence Gymsport

400 Cambridge Rd, Mornington TAS 7018

Open Hours

Monday 3pm–7:30pm
Tuesday 9am–7:30pm
Wednesday 9am–7:30pm
Thursday 3pm–7:30pm
Friday 9am–7:30pm
Saturday 9am–11:15am
Sunday Closed

Clarence Gymsport Programs

Kindergym Ages 1-4

Kindergym is about learning through play. Play is fun and essential to children’s development. Kindergym provides a safe…

Wrigglers Ages 3.5-5

Wrigglers is about learning through play, fun games and activity circuits. Wrigglers is an action filled class where…

Fungym Ages 5-6

Fungym is an action filled class where children develop gymnastics and movement skills and confidence. It is the…

Gymskills Ages 7-11

Gymskills is an action filled class where children have fun, develop gymnastics and movement skills and participate in exciting…

Club Badge

Age group: 8 years upwards Club badges is an exciting and challenging skill award program, designed to build…

Girls Club Badges

Girls Club Badges is an exciting skill based program developed specifically for our gymnasts and club. It is…

Girls Team

Follows the Women’s National Requirements set out for each level. Each Level has specific skills that are to…

Freestyle Gym Ages 8-12

Freestyle gym* is an action packed movement class for boys and girls ages 8 to 12 years. The…

Mini Development

What is Mini D?  Mini D is the name for the Mini Development program. While fun is always important at…