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Gymsports Management


The Kingborough Gymnastics Association is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission statement is:

“Enabling Gymsports to provide quality gymnastics programs to the Tasmanian community”

The Kingborough Gymnastics Association leases the State Gymnastics Centre and owns its equipment. The contractor running the programs in the State Gymnastics Centre is Gymsports Management Pty Ltd (trading as Kingborough Sports Centre Gymnastics). Kingborough Sports Centre Gymnastics hire the facilities from the Kingborough Gymnastics Association.

Current Members:

  • President – Jack Penny
  • Vice President – 
  • Treasurer – Bernedete Davies
  • General Member – Marcelle Short 
  • General Member – Fiona Lowenthal
  • General Member – Karen French
  • General Member – Carol Caro 

 Role of the Kingborough Gymnastics Association:

  • Manage the finances of the Association
  • Set the strategic direction
  • Approve fundraising activities for equipment
  • Allocate funding for new equipment
  • Have committee meetings as required
  • Attract and retain sponsors for the new gymnastics centre
  • Assist gymnasts in attending interstate competitions
  • Assist with the running of elite development programs
  • Manage the State Gymnastics Centre
  • Appoint contractors to the State Gymnastics Centre and monitor usage
  • Manage MOU with Gymnastics Tasmania for the State Gymnastics Centre
  • Assist with grant applications

Strategic Pillars: EndureOperating with integrity and transparency, to provide safe, state of the art facilities. EnableProviding a governance framework where volunteers and sponsors can discuss how to best support our participants.ExcelDeveloping financial assistance opportunities to enable our athlete’s gymnasts to attend high profile national and international events. Engage & EnthuseAdvocating for our current and future participants to maximize their enjoyment and longevity in the sport. Sponsorship Opportunities: