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Customer Service

At Gymsports we believe in providing exceptional customer service. Our customer service team are here to answer your questions either in person, over the phone or by email.

Our Customer Service team is located at Kingborough Gymsports. If you are at another of our venues and you have a question please approach one of our friendly staff either before or after your child’s class, or alternatively contact us by phone or email.



These terms apply to our Gymsports Kindergym, Kindergym Tots, and Babygym classes. 

Kindergym classes are run on a pay-as-you-go system.  Enrolments should be made in advance on our online booking system – either via our website or the iclasspro app.  

Please note that there are no recurring billings for Kindergym. 


If your child is going to be absent from a kindergym class, please call or email our Reception at 03 62290900 /reception@gymsports.net.au to cancel your enrolment BEFORE the starting time.  A credit will be placed on your account, and this will allow others to join the class if previously full.  Cancelations made after the commencement of the class will not be credited. 


To apply for a concession discount or family discount, please complete this form.



These terms and conditions apply to our Gymsports Early Learning , Educational, Club Badges, Freestyle and Mini Development programs. 

Learn to Gym classes operate for 46 weeks of the year (excluding public holidays).  Your child’s enrolment is considered continuous and ongoing until the enrolment is cancelled.  Enrolments are made through our member portal, either via our website https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/gymsports or via the iclass mobile app. 


The registration fee is payable once a year. This is added to the first debit run of the year or at the time of booking.  The registration fee pays for your childs membership with Gymnastics Australia, Gymnastics Tasmania and covers your child’s personal accident insurance. 


Tuition fees must be paid via direct debit. Direct debits occur fortnightly on a Thursday for 2 classes in advance.  Payments are made via our direct debit system either from credit cards or bank accounts.  Direct debits will continue fortnightly until you cancel your child’s booking. 


This is offered as a courtesy to our new members. Gymsports Management are not obligated by law to give any refund in this situation; however we offer a full money back guarantee to new members if you decide to cancel within their first month (31 days from the first class). New members being defined as; people who have not participated in our Learn to Gym programs before. 


Towards the end of each term, your child will receive a recommendation to remain in the same class or to move-up or change class.  Once enrolled, your child has automatic priority for ongoing bookings, unless we are informed of your cancellation before the direct debit for the fortnight in advance.  Bookings are continuous through the term school holidays and will also continue for term 1 of the new year unless cancelled. 


In the event that your child is absent from a class, a complimentary “make up token” will be automatically generated after the missed class.  We would appreciate if planned absences can be reported to us via the member portal, Member Portal>Student>Future Absences>Select Date.  This will allow spots to open-up for others to book make-up sessions in these classes (see below). 


If your child misses a class, you can use your make up token to book a complimentary “make up class”.  Make up tokens are valid for 3 months and make up classes are subject to availability and can only be used in conjunction with a current booking in the same program and not after a cancellation of enrolment.  Make up classes should be booked via our member portal (Member Portal>Account>Students>Makeups>Use Token>Select Date>Select Class).  


Learn to Gym enrolments can be cancelled at any time.  Cancelations are the responsibility of the parent.  Learn to Gym enrolments are charged fortnightly via direct debit.  To ensure you are not charged, bookings must be cancelled before 9am on the day of the direct debit and direct debits will cease immediately.  Member Portal>Student>Current Enrolment>Drop date.  There will be no refunds for cancellations not submitted prior to the direct debit and the fortnightly payment will be due.


Gymsports Management does not refund for a change of mind or cancelations after the direct debit is processed.  No refund is given for classes missed prior to the date the cancellation is made or the date of the last class covered by the fortnightly charges (whichever is later), we encourage customers to attend the classes they have paid for as we do not refund for these lessons.


To apply for a concession discount or family discount, please complete this form


Please refer to the Gymsports Team Handbook and associated Team membership terms and conditions for our Gymsports Girls Team, Boys Team and Trampoline and Tumbling Team programs. These documents can be found here: https://gymsports.net.au/team/team-2/


  1. I understand an annual registration fee is required to participate in Gymsports Learn to Gym and Team Programs. Membership is ongoing until cancellation of enrolment.
  2. I agree to pay fees via Direct Debit on a fortnightly basis on an ongoing basis until a Cancellation of Enrolment.
  3. I agree to pay the fortnightly fees on a Thursday (dates as specified in the Direct Debit calendar) in advance for my child’s enrolment(s) and understand that if I choose to cancel after the payment is processed, the fees are non-refundable.
  4. I understand fees cannot be transferred to another person if a child discontinues.
  5. I understand there is no fee reduction for missed classes. Make up classes are subject to availability and valid for 3 months.
  6. I understand that fortnightly fees not settled within 2 weeks will be subject to an administrative fee of $10 per fortnight.
  7. I understand that enrolments with more than 2 fortnightly fees outstanding will be cancelled by Gymsports and the overdue account will be referred to our debt collection agency.

By accepting this declaration, you confirm and agree to the following:

  • I agree, to myself/ my child attending a registered Gymsports Venue and activities and will not hold Gymsports Management, its staff or volunteers responsible for any loss of property and/ or accident except in the case of gross negligence.
  • You are hereby applying for Membership with the association relevant to your registered venue: Kingborough Gymnastics Association Inc; Clarence Gymnastics Association Inc.

By phone: 03 6229 0900

By email: reception@gymsports.net.au