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Gymsports was started in 2000 by Mark Moncur. At the time we managed one Gymsports venue located at Kingborough Sports Centre. The venue had 200 students, 1 part time staff member and 5 casual staff operating out of Level 4 of the Kingborough Sports Centre. Our first office was an old converted change room which still had a shower in it.

The membership grew quickly to 400 members and a new location was attained, taking over half of the Kingborough Indoor Cricket Centre. The membership continued to grow and by 2009 we had 800 members, 6 full time staff and 30 casual staff.

In 2010 we moved into the purpose built 2100 square metre building at the Kingborough Sports Centre. The membership quickly grew to over 1600, 12 full time staff and over 80 casual staff.

2012 saw us branch out into a second venue located at the Huon Valley PCYC, operating 3 days per week in a permanently set up recreational gymnastics centre.

In 2013 we continued our expansion, taking over Wildcats Gymnastics club on the Eastern Shore. The name was changed to Clarence Gymnastics with the membership quickly growing from 180 to over 470 gymnasts in a small room (300 square metres) located inside the Citywide Baptist Church in Mornington.

Today we are currently looking to develop a 1200 Square metre permanent facility at Mornington. We cater for over 2500 children per week, employ 14 full time staff and over 85 casual staff. We have athletes who are at national and international standard across our 3 team sports of Men’s, Women’s gymnastics and Trampoline.

We are excited about our future and the opportunity to expand our organisations in the future to allow even more children to participate in our innovative gymsports programs.