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Mission Statement 

Our mission is:   “Developing friendly, active and responsible people”


  • Helping people understand, care about and help others
  • Helping people to appreciate their worth and have confidence 


  • Helping people to look after their health and develop a positive attitude to physical activity
  • Helping people lay a foundation for sporting and life skills


  • Helping people learn to make choices that give joy and happiness in the long term
  • Helping people to understand the desirable or undesirable consequences of their actions
  • Helping people to love to learn and accept challenges


Our vision is to:

  • Be a recognised leader in the provision of our products and services in Tasmania and nationally
  • Develop fresh and innovative approaches of our services, products and programs
  • Assist our staff to discover and implement creative and customized programs and services
  • Create a vibrant, developing organisation that fosters teamwork, quality management and lifelong learning
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary team of staff to increase our scope and further develop our mission
  • Help our staff identify and meet their learning needs, in an environment of encouragement and incentive

Unifying Principles

Our 6 Unifying Principles:

  • 1. Respect: 
  • 2. Safety: Safety is at the forefront of our operations
  • 3. Integrity: trustworthiness and a solid character
  • 4. Teamwork: Teamwork making the dream work. 
  • 5. Open Communication: Communication is open and honest
  • 6. Growth and Initiative: the ability to keep growing and learning

Teaching Principles

  1. Respect: Respect between teacher and student. Humiliating, embarrassing, demeaning or hurtful behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  2. Keep young people safe: Done through vigilance, awareness and safety training.
  3. Clearly communicate expectations: Tell the children what you expect of them.
  4. Catch the children doing things right: Focus on things that have been done right rather than things done wrong.
  5. Discipline with natural consequences: Discipline through educating children of the natural (unpleasant) consequences of poor decisions, not “punishment”.
  6. Be enthusiastic: It shows you care and inspires others to care.
  7. Offer daily challenges: Going beyond the perceived limitations is the only way to stretch and grow.
  8. Offer daily successes: “Sense of accomplishment” is one of the most powerful motivators to “try again when the going gets tough”.
  9. Constant Activity: Children learn by doing, not by sitting or standing in line.
  10. Creativity, variety and fun: Children learn best when there is an element of fun built into the training environment.
  11. Caring and Understanding: effort dedicated towards helping children learn, understand and grow.