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Mission Statement 

Our mission is:   “Developing friendly, active and responsible people”


  • Helping people understand, care about and help others
  • Helping people to appreciate their worth and have confidence 


  • Helping people to look after their health and develop a positive attitude to physical activity
  • Helping people lay a foundation for sporting and life skills


  • Helping people learn to make choices that give joy and happiness in the long term
  • Helping people to understand the desirable or undesirable consequences of their actions
  • Helping people to love to learn and accept challenges


Our vision is to:

  • Be a recognised leader in the provision of our products and services in Tasmania and nationally
  • Develop fresh and innovative approaches of our services, products and programs
  • Assist our staff to discover and implement creative and customized programs and services
  • Create a vibrant, developing organisation that fosters teamwork, quality management and lifelong learning
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary team of staff to increase our scope and further develop our mission
  • Help our staff identify and meet their learning needs, in an environment of encouragement and incentive

Unifying Principles

Our 6 Unifying Principles:

  1. Respect: The 4 C’s
    • Children
    • Customers
    • Colleagues
  2. Company: Our Company requires your respect, as many people depend on the company for their growth and recreations (children) and their livelihood (the employees). Employees are responsible for defending and protecting the Company’s principles, profits, image and security.
  3. Safety: Safety is at the forefront of our operations;                                Child Safety: Ensure we are best practice in the protection of children from all forms of abuse          Athlete Safety: Ensure that athlete safety is the priority in training and at competition                          Staff Safety: Ensure we have a culture and provide a safe workplace for staff                                      Company Safety: Ensure we have processes in place to reduce risk of incidents
  4. Integrity: trustworthiness and a solid character
  5. Teamwork: Teamwork making the dream work. Setting aside ego in favour of working together. Even personal preference must be put aside if not inline with the mission statement.
  6. Open Communication: Communication is open and honest
    1. Communicate positively, saying what you would like to see, rather than what you do not want.
    2. In a disagreement with another, speak only with the person with whom you disagree and the person who can help you solve the problem.
    3. First seek to understand and then be understood.
  7. Growth and Initiative: the ability to keep growing and learning;
    1. Personal growth and initiative
    2. Professional growth and initiative
    3. Company growth: company growth will happen as a by product of attending to the personal and professional growth.

Teaching Principles

  1. Respect: Respect between teacher and student. Humiliating, embarrassing, demeaning or hurtful behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  2. Keep young people safe: Done through vigilance, awareness and safety training.
  3. Clearly communicate expectations: Tell the children what you expect of them.
  4. Catch the children doing things right: Focus on things that have been done right rather than things done wrong.
  5. Discipline with natural consequences: Discipline through educating children of the natural (unpleasant) consequences of poor decisions, not “punishment”.
  6. Be enthusiastic: It shows you care and inspires others to care.
  7. Offer daily challenges: Going beyond the perceived limitations is the only way to stretch and grow.
  8. Offer daily successes: “Sense of accomplishment” is one of the most powerful motivators to “try again when the going gets tough”.
  9. Constant Activity: Children learn by doing, not by sitting or standing in line.
  10. Creativity, variety and fun: Children learn best when there is an element of fun built into the training environment.
  11. Caring and Understanding: effort dedicated towards helping children learn, understand and grow.