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Kingborough History

  • Meryl Moncur began this Kingborough Sports Centre Gymnastics Club in 1986 on the main stadium at the Kingborough Sports Centre
  • Initially the Club consisted of 30 children who were involved in Rhythmic Gymnastics. In 1989 the Club expanded to include Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics and steadily grew over the years
  • In 1993 the Club moved to a permanent set up in Level 1 of the Sports Centre, where the fitness gym in now located
  • With gymnastics continuing to grow, the Club moved in 1995 to Level 4 of the Kingborough Sports Centre
  • From 1996 to 1998 John Straatsma managed the gymnastics program with just over 200 gymnasts registered
  • In 1999 Mark Moncur took over the management
  • New programs where introduced for particular age groups and the club numbers increased significantly
  • By the end of 2001 the club had over 450 registered gymnasts
  • The need for a larger Gymnastics Centre was recognised by the Council with the Club moving into the Indoor Cricket Centre in 2002
  • Gary Pitchford was employed as Manager in 2002
  • By the end of 2003 the Kingborough Sports Centre Gymnastics had over 800 members registered
  • In 2003 Kingborough also won the Tasmanian Gymnastics Club of the year trophy for the 8th time in its’ history
  • At the end of 2003 a Steering Committee was formed to construct a State Gymnastics Training Centre on land at the Kingborough Sports Complex
  • In 2004 the feasibility study into the state gymnastics training centre was completed with an estimation cost of 2.9 million
  • During the 2004 federal election the Kingborough Gymnastics Committee received $1million towards the state gymnastics training facility at Kingston
  • During the 2006 state election all three major parties promised $1 million towards the state gymnastics training facility at Kingston
  • On Friday the 4th of June 2010, the Channel Court State Gymnastics Centre held its Official Opening. This momentous occasion for the club was an opportunity for the general public to appreciate the amazing progress of the club through the years.