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Mini Development

What is Mini D? 

Mini D is the name for the Mini Development program. While fun is always important at this age, Mini D is designed to provide children with a slightly more challenging program with a focus on: 

  • Strength 
  • Flexibility 
  • Quality of work 
  • Discipline 

Our goal for this program is to introduce gymnasts to the idea of training, to teach basic techniques that will serve as a foundation for higher levels skills and also be an introduction to performance (competitive) gymnastics. 

Mini Development Program Pathway

The stages of Mini D: 

Mini D Bronze 

The Mini D Bronze program is a 45min class that operates at similar times to our Fungym and Gymskills program. Mini D Bronze is a combined boys’ and girls’ class. 

Mini D Silver 

Mini D Silver is the next step in the Mini D program pathway. In the Mini D Silver program, the gymnasts train 2 x 1-hour sessions per week. Mini D Silver is a combined boys’ and girls’ class. 

Mini D Gold  

Mini D Gold is a girls’ only program. In the Mini D Gold program, the gymnasts train 2 x 2-hour sessions per week.  

Boys JD Bronze 

Boys from our Mini D Silver program may progress to our Boys Junior Development Bronze program. In this program, the gymnasts train 2 x 2-hour sessions per week. 

Mini Development Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do if I know if my child is suited for Mini D? 

Children are observed in the learn to gym programs for suitability to be invited to join the Mini D program. Alternatively, if you would like your child assessed for suitability to join the Mini D program, please contact the Mini D liaisons listed below.

Does my child have to commit to the full training hours of Mini D Silver or Gold? 

The gymnasts will need to train both days to progress in the Mini D Program, however, we can be flexible for 1 term. After this period, full commitment in the class is required to continue in the Mini D program. 

Does the Mini D program run at all Gymsports venues? 

Our Mini D classes run at our Kingborough and Clarence venues. At Clarence Gymsports, the Mini D program is currently only offered for girls. 

My child is unable to attend one of their Mini D lessons. Who do I notify? 

If your child in a Mini D class will be absent, please notify your Mini D team liaison via email and they can then pass this information onto your child’s coach. 

Kingborough Mini D liaison: Bri- bri@gympsorts.net.au

Clarence Mini D liaison: Bridget – bridget@gymsports.net.au

Mini Development Home Program

Mini Development gymnasts are encouraged to practice activities at home on a regular basis. Use the below home program to help your child/ren practice fundamental shapes and strength.


You can participate in this program at the following venues...

Clarence Gymsport

400 Cambridge Rd, Mornington TAS 7018

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Kingborough Gymsports

10 Kingston View Dr, Kingston TAS 7050

View Venue