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Youth Leader Awards

Mission Recognition Awards

Each year we like to recognise our young leaders who are living our mission as part of the Youth Leadership Program.

Developing friendly, active and responsible people

2021 Award Recipients

Claudia Sampson

Claudia is an impressive and active youth leader. She demonstrates activities with enthusiasm. She engages, by spotting, encouraging and listening to the gymnasts and displays positive body language.

Huw Mumford

Huw is very caring and friendly when he coaches. He always looks and acts happy to be to be coaching. He speaks with enthusiasm and confidence and is always willing to lead the group. He is a very capable coach and always maintains a caring and enthusiastic demeanour.

Chloe Short

Chloe is a very responsible young person, she easily takes  control of the class and runs it well. If she sees something going wrong or someone needs help she will straight away go and help .She is very good at spotting and always ensures that the children are safe.

Taia Graham

Since day 1, Taia has been on the ball and taken maximum initiative every class, going above and beyond to help the children and myself.

Lachlan Kemmis-Cole

Lachlan is always actively engaged and obviously enjoys working with the children. He encouraging the students and takes the initiative to help the class in their development.

Billy French

Billy positively encourages the students as well as going the   extra mile to take an interest in them individually. He makes the class inviting and has helped create an environment where everyone can become friends with one another.

Oliver Murphy

Oliver has shown many times this year how responsible he is. With a lot of confidence he is able to be take charge of many parts of the class, games, filming, calls the class down on time, takes them to correct areas safely and follows the lesson plan well.  When things don’t go to plan Oliver is able to deal with is calmly. He also works really well with the Boys in the class and is a good example and influence.

Thea Dobie

Thea has been a wonderful youth leader. She’s not just a responsible coach she’s also friendly and active at the gym. I chose to nominate her for responsibility as she does take initiative with her coaching and she understands the importance of safety for the class participants within the gym.

Ruby Bayer

Ruby engages well with the class participants. I have had her as a youth leader when she first started and I have her now and I’m impressed with how much she has progressed.