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Club Badge

Age group: 8 years upwards

Club badges is an exciting and challenging skill award program, designed to build upon the fundamentals of gymnastics and facilitate safe and progressive skill development in the following gymsports: girls’ gymnastics; boys’ gymnastics; trampoline and tumbling*

Our Club Badges Programs helps develop strength and flexibility. co-ordination, agility, body awareness and balance, for sport and life. Individual recognition of skill achievement occurs through termly review and awards, of which there are 12 sequential stages. 

*Some programs are centre specific

Skill Week

“You’ve Got Skills”

Skill week occurs at the end of each term where we provide the opportunity for gymnasts to demonstrate their skill improvement and acquisition based on our curriculum for each badge level in their chosen area (girls’ gymnastics, boys’ gymnastics, trampoline, and tumbling).
Selected skills on apparatus are filmed and participant/s will receive a badge relevant to their badge level. These skills are evaluated, and stars are awarded for individual accomplishments via our online “You’ve Got Skills” activity log. Your child’s achievements are shared with you via our customer portal. Each term the gymnasts proceed to the next badge level, of which there are 12 in total.

Skill evaluations

Skills are evaluated post lesson. Star ratings are based upon the following:

  1. Introduced
  2. Attempted
  3. Good
  4. Very good
  5. Excellent

Skill Filming

We film the club badges gymnasts for the following reasons

  • To provide consistency across all venues and classes
  • Team Leaders can monitor and review individual progress and overall program quality
  • To determine ongoing coach education needs

Once the videos have been reviewed, they are permanently deleted, and this occurs on a daily basis.
What if my child is absent and not available to attend the filming lesson? 

  • You can book to attend our courtesy filming make up sessions
  • These can be booked online via our customer portal

What if my child misses filming all together? 

  • They still are recognised as having progressed through the badge level during the term and will also receive a badge, however no stars will be awarded.


You can participate in this program at the following venues...

Kingborough Gymsports

10 Kingston View Dr, Kingston TAS 7050

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