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Why kids need upside down play

Gymnastics has many physical, social and emotional benefits. Movement is essential to healthy brain development, at Gymsports we have designed our Learn to Gym programs to enhance your young one’s fundamental movement skills through play and exploration.

When it comes to vestibular activities* for kids, flipping upside down can go a long way toward giving little ones the input they need.  It turns out that experimenting with being upside down (beginning around the age of two) is more than just cute!  As kids grow, they have the ability to contort their bodies into all kinds of crazy positions to get the sensory input they need to regulate their bodies and behaviour and to lay the foundation for the development of important motor skills. 
The benefits of this gravity-defying feat include better posture, improved circulation, improved mood, better flexibility, better balance, improved upper body and core strength and more! 
For more detailed information visit the full article on Vestibular Activities for Kids.

When our vestibular sense is fully functioning, we are secure and organized enough in our bodies to be able to attend and respond to all of the other senses we encounter daily.  A child with a well-developed vestibular sense feels confident and safe during movement activities, even if his or her feet are off the ground.  A child is able to start and stop movement activities calmly and with control.  He or she is comfortable with climbing, swinging, rolling, and jumping – knowing that his or her body will adapt be able to maintain balance and keep himself or herself from falling or getting hurt.

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