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COVID-19 Safety Plan

The COVID-19 Safety Plan provides an overarching plan for the implementation and management of procedures by Gymsports Management to support its members and participants in the staged resumption of community sport and club activities.

This Plan includes, but is not limited to, the conduct of staged training and activities and facility management and supporting operations. At all times, the Plan is subject to all regulations, guidelines and directions of government and public health authorities.

This Plan is based on, and accepts, the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment (AIS Framework) and the National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities (National Principles).

The Plan also accepts as key principles that:

  • The health and safety of members, participants, coaches, officials, administrators/volunteers, visitors, families, and the broader community is the number one priority;
  • Members, participants, coaches, officials, administrators/volunteers, families and the broader community need to be engaged and briefed on Gymsports Management’s return to sport plans;
  • Facilities are assessed and appropriate plans are developed to accommodate upgraded hygiene protocols, physical distancing, and other measures to mitigate the risk of transmission of COVID-19;
  • At every stage of the return to sport process Gymsports Management must consider and apply all applicable State and local restrictions and regulations.

Our COVID safe procedures

Stage 3 of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions commenced on the 26th June. For sporting and recreation facilities with multiple indoor or outdoor spaces, the gathering cap applies separately to each single undivided space. For example, a multi-purpose sporting venue with multiple, separate, undivided indoor spaces, could have up to 250 people in each of these spaces (the density limit applies).

Sporting activities permitted based on Level C of the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport, meaning the following are permitted:

  • full contact training;
  • full competition sport (contact and non-contact);
  • sharing of equipment where necessary; and
  • use of change rooms and other shared facilities.

We are following advice from Public Health Services in terms of physical distancing and effective hygiene measures.

  • physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres between people in spectator areas
  • staggered start and finish time to avoid congestion at the entrance and exits
  • hygiene plan and sanitising stations
  • frequent cleaning and disinfection
  • all staff have completed training on COVID-19 practices

Learn to Gym Classes

  • Participants to come to gym in their training attire where possible
  • Bring a full water bottle
  • Sanitise hands on entry
  • Go to the social distancing dots for your group and stand on one, remove shoes and other items to place on the A3 laminated sign
  • Parents/guardians may remain and watch but must respect social distancing. Limited seating will be available as some seating has been removed to enable social distancing.
  • Coaches will ask participants to sanitise hands throughout the lesson and at the end of the class
  • Coaches will spray down and wipe high touch and cleanable surfaces during and at the end of the lesson

Team Programs

  • Participants to come to gym in their training attire where possible
  • Bring a full water bottle and training gear
  • Sanitise hands on entry
  • Upon arrival gymnasts may take thehir belongings to the shelves located in the gym
  • Coaches will run the team classes encouraging social distancing and implementing hygiene practices 
  • Girls and Boys Team will have their own chalk block, spray bottle and gloves for loops

MAG and WAG personal equipment

  • Spray bottle – please purchase and bring on to first session
  • Gloves for loops – if your child/ren does not have any please purchase and bring to first session (non-stick gardening gloves from Bunnings)
  • Each gymnast will be provided with their own chalk block and named bag
  • Grips
  • Bag to keep all personal gym gear in (shopping bag or something of that size gymnasts have or make themselves)