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Tumbling Club Badges

**Exciting News! ** Our very popular tumbling club badges program is coming to Clarence in TERM 3!

  • **Develop Your Tumbling Skills! ** The program covers a range of fundamental skills, perfect for those looking to start or improve their tumbling journey.
  • **Join the Fun! ** Tumbling Club Badges caters for various skill levels, from beginners learning the fundamentals of handstands and cartwheels to advanced participants perfecting their round-offs and backflips.
  • The program pathway and curriculum are delivered by qualified coaches, who guide each session.
  • Learners can progress at their own pace, mastering each skill before moving on to more complex challenges.
  • The program not only focuses on skill development but also emphasizes strength, control, and safety.
  • It provides a structured yet enjoyable path for physical development and the joy of movement.

For more information

Tumbling Club Badges – Gymsports Management

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