Membership and Fee Information

Becoming a Member

Kingborough Gymnastics is a pre-paid service only. Your tuition pays for a class spot, regardless of attendance. Bookings run through school holidays execpt the January break. Bookings are essential (aside from casual classes). Please see linked documents for detailed information. holidays. 


Upon enrolling in a class you will be required to complete a Participant Membership and Record Form. A registration fee is required to become a member. Memberships are continuous until Cancellation of Membership Form is lodged.

Continuation of Membership

Once a member, your son and/or daughter has automatic priority in ongoing bookings, unless we are informed of your cancellation by advertised priority deadlines.

Monthly Fee Payment

Fees are paid by Direct Debit on a monthly basis (based on the number of classes in that month) ongoing until Cancellation of Membership Form is lodged.

2018 GM Price Calculator full fees 

2018 GM Price Calculator 10% discount 

2018 GM Price Calculator 20% discount 

2018 GM Price Calculator 30% discount


Casual Membership (only a vailable for nominated classes)

Pay fees upfront for one class. See Class timetable for nominated casual classes.

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Membership and Fee Information
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